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moving up towards roanorke park and into rowland. that is where yu see down pours. it's raining if lake ta show now. snow levels are up high so back to the bay area, rainfall totals last 24 hours, not very impressive in areas. many locations received only a few hundredths of an inch. we've seen 16/100ths in st. helena. nearly two tenths here in san francisco. continuing to come down. and heavier. we'll have more in just a few minutes.. >> in the daily city, residents are keeping close watch on the rain. and this hillside. >> we have video earlier in the week. that street turned into a muddy mess after a water pipe broke that sent 50,000 gallons
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of water into the neighborhood uk see here, right. abc 7 news is live with more. >> well, i just spoke to a city official. what they will do is every time it rains they will come out here to check the area. >> neighbors know the city has done all it can to keep the snoil place sh surrounding the park with hey bails and securing jute netting for controls. any runnoff coming from the hill will be diverted to this drain. straw waddles and boulders will keep debris from clogging that drain. city officials don't want to see a repeat of the disaster. after a water line broke neerks the top of the hill. neighbors say they can help feeling nervous. >> this is that mudslide
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coming down again, you know, what will happen, again. >> there are two pieces of equipment here, one behind me, a second one in west lake. police, i'm told will be patrolling the area, crews on stand by tonight and the weekend. i'm flif daily city, abc 7 news. >> san francisco international airport is recovering from weather-related delays. dozens of flights were cancelled because of a storm. flights to sacramento and santa barbara are affected. right now smrks flights are still experiencing 15-45 minute delays.. >> a good news for anyone planning to hit the slopes this weekend. early storms dumped enough snow that resorts are opening early. kirkwood opened today.
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it looks like fun right there. squaw valley kicks off a ski season today, last year a warm winter forced resorts to open late and close early during the season. here is what it looks like right now. this is a look at heavenly mountain resort sports network camera right there. if you're a skier, you welcome this, this just means more fresh powder is on the way. >> a sheriff deputy being held in the building where he works accused of robbing a bank. >> it was at the jail. we're live from the hall of justice. >> the sheriff's office says that tong was arrested this morning that he's now being held in a sort of separate part of the jail from the general population burke not in any way differently than a number of other people are when they're held separately.
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this is a bit of a head scratcher. it appears he didn't bother to disguys him sex he is accused of robbing the bank of america in the richmond district november 7th. the d.a.says he walked in at about 4:45rks gave the teller a demand note that said he had a weapon. the teller gave him $1700 cash, $1700 cash, he fled on foot. police used fingerprints on the note and bank surveillance video to identify tong. he was arrested at 7:30 this morning outside of the vif jail where he works. the sheriff office would not confirm if he was leaving or arriving for the shift at that time. here is what we know about him so far. senior deputy phillip tong is 36 years old, he's been a deputy since 2005, assigned to the custody division here at the jail. he is facing two felony
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charges, second degree robbery and burglary commercials. he's being held on $150,000 bail, right now, he's on unpaid administrative leave, will be terminated. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> a former pinole police commander is under arrest and charged with elder abuse, police are looking for his wife, officers say he was a police commander when he and his wife committed forgery, grand theft and other crimes, saying he got an 82-year-old woman to trust him and put him in charge of her finances. >> a suspect is in custody charged with kidnapping, duct taping assaulting, robbing and trying to kill a 65-year-old woman in value lay hoax the shocker is the suspect's age, he's only 14. it occurred last night in a parking lot on plaza drive.
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the woman forced to drive miles away where the suspect assaulted her, and then, leftner a ditch. the suspect was aested when he$/ returned to vallejo in the victim's car. >> police arrested one of oakland's notorious fugitives. coming up, the restaurant where they found him and what the restaurant asked the suspect to do before being taken away. >> we have new information on the airline passenger taken into custody at oakland airport for carrying sus spishus yimts today that looked like part of a bomb. >> officials say the suspect is now charged with possession of materials to make a destructive device. vic lee has straight happening now an investigation of an airline passenger carrying what may have been componentses of a bomb that happened here at oakland international airport about kl last night aichl source tells us a man with a southern california address tried to board a southwest airlines flight to los angeles, going
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through the check point here, when tsa inspectors noticed items in the bin where he put his bag, they found what appeared to be components of an ied. a watch with wires, fuses and a toggle switch. our sources told us all components were there except for explosives. they found his boots had been altered he stuffed layers of insole nootz booñ hostesszñ! ploimys got the worst possible news. >> the maker of twinkies and snack cakes announced today it's shutting down liquid
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dating assets and laying off 18,000 workers including 140 employees at it's bakery in oakland. >> started cutting and cutting. everybody made a decision to say that is enough. that is why we're here. if we're going lose, we're going to lose everybody, altogether. >> it is creating a mad rush from people looking to stock up on the sweets before they're all gone. >> we're live outside of the stores in santa clara. >> in santa clairea, nothing like an end of an era to cause a saefl snack cakes. this is for some it's an he megsal time. >> it was an maigz site to see people flocking to the store
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to get the taste prof ducts. >> are you cry something how do you feel? >> it's sad. it is. i've been coming here all my life. things change. >> a table of discounted hoho's was cleared and other shelves stripped bare. >> good stuff will be gone. workers have a lot of jobs lost, too. it's a sad end. in this economy that is the last thing we need. >> columbo may be joining in the history books. john worked there for 30 years before becoming a sausage maker. >> that was the blue collar guy that came home for dinner was the bread we represented at a fair price. a good product, fair price is what we represented. >> hostess products disappear, this cupcake shop is one example. >> people will look elsewhere. i do think that families are
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trying to watch what their kids eat more these days. >> i've had it before. it's just amazing. it's getting the heart rate
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back to normal. the flutter is something i've had for a while. probably close to all of my life. >> he plans to be on the side lines monday night when 49ers play bear buzz is not certain where alex smith will play. doctors have not cleared smith. he suffered a concussion gengs rams on sunday. >> and still ahead legal battle between apple and samsung gets more vicious. >> plus, the government suing ebay. what the shopping web site is accused of doing. >> former giants outfielder melky cabrerra lands a new team. >> michael finney taking your questions on twitter and facebook. you can contact michael on twilter at m finney. >> taking a look at sky 7 now, east of livermore, you can see another accident likely used by the roads out there.
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this car turned over off of 580. of a jackknifed big
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eerks getting suspended for violating baseball drug policy did not stop melky cabrerra from cashing in. espn reporting he agreed to a contract worth $16 million from the toronto blue jays. he was having a great year for the giants up to that point
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named mvp and was second in the national league in batting average. giants could have activated cabrerra for playoffs but chose not too. >> ebay is under fire, the justice department filed a lawsuit today claiming the company violated antitrust laws. the government says ebay and intuit conspired to avoid recruiting each other's employees. intuit is not named in this su.. >> the credit reporting agency at the center of an internaggal investigation z a video game living up to the hype whit comes to sales numbers.. >> nicole lapin is here with more. hi, nicole. >>. >> that is right. a blockbuster debut for the latest game in the call of duty series as video game franchises see huge sales,
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saying it raked in $500 million in sales in the first 24 hours alobe. that makes it the biggest entertainment launch of the year, the fourth straight year itfñf÷u has reach that had milestone. a huge debut comes just days after microsoft set it's record with to $20 million in sales for the latest game in the haloko1y franchise. activism stock up more than 4%. the apple samsung pattentent battle show nod signs of letting up soon. a judge is allowing both companies to add products to their suits in san jose. and samsung adding iphone 5 to its suit. and this case scheduled to go on trial in 2014. aol senior vice president is
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leaving the company at the end of the year. this as aol is shifting to having a team where developers work with various brands. also, irish investigators opened a probe into experian after reporting the tata base had been hacked. the company calls the breeches isolated security. stocks managed to erase some of the losses thanks to progress on fiscal cliffs. so ending the week in the green. also, twilight fans line up to see the last film in the series with a projected3x[z÷ saa ticket total of $3.2 billion. hollywood studios lining up trying to come up with more films based on young adult books depicting a dark future.
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including the hunger games, experts say no signs young people are getting tired of the dark plots and settings, and that is good for business. larry, carolyn, back to you. >> good day to head out to the movies.. >> shower4?c], we've had brief heavy down pours and breaks, we've got waves of rain coming in. here is a live view in emeryville. looking at cloudy skies looking west. this has been a picture all day. cloudy and brief down pours here and there. it's good to get heavier. take a look at live doppler 7. we can see a large area of heavy rain just off shore, beginning to move towards north bay.
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looping, you can see a pattern we're seeing with this storm coming up from the south. that is why we have mild hair air. here is significant rainfall up in the north bay eastern, over near bodega bay there is a spot of it's spread at the moment. other parts of the bay area will be getting rainfall into evening and overnight hoirs, temperatures upper 50s and low 60s around the bay area. uniform range of readings and waves of rain continuing into tomorrow morning. some colder storms coming in from the mid west. slows -- lows tonight into mid-50s. cooler up in the north bay valleys. you can see current storm
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moving at us. that will be pushing through the bay area during overnight hours. tomorrow. a colder one. we'll start at 7:00 this evening. there will be areas of areas of heavy rainfall tonight. then, later we'll see it pushing through in the morning. nice break there. that second storm arrives tomorrow night. you can see it continuing to swing through until sunday morning then we can get!?!:r ne break sunday. sunday could be a dry day. rainfall up to three inches in the north bay mountains. so rain with snow above 8,000 feet. become we go to the bay area, tomorrow, we'll see some showers, breaks, high
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temperatures into low 60s. here is the accu-weather forecast. cooler sunday, again, activity is into overnight and morning hours, there is a chance of showers as we had this unsettled pattern with us for a while. throughout thanksgiving. >> all right. thank you. >> suspended bleakness. >> nice way of putting it. >> yes. >> up next, oprah could be looking to get into a new line of business. plus. >> how are you. >> what' story. a texas boy abandoned as a newborn gets a wish come through for a 10th birthday. >> sky p hd flying overhead here, you're looking at eastbound 580 just a huge back up, worse than most fridays. this is because of an earlier accident that. is just cleared from the road.
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slow going. stay with us.
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>> this is quite a story. an amazing story of a firefighter and a baby he
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found abandoned. he gave him a big hug last night. he had wanted to meet the man who found him on the station porch many years ago. >> i'm glad you're here. >> i was excited i got to meet öfcu i'm glad i come to come here. >> this is exciting. i found him, he's still living today. >> so emotional. he never forgot the baby boy. he kept a photo. look at that, in his locker all of3ñ these years. >> motional for the family. >> everybody. for sure. >> that is neat. >> fans are showing up in record numbers at theaters to see the final installment of "twilight" and pops newest star getting ready to rock the music awards.
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>> the last chapter is already taking a bite out of the box office. breaking down set a record on the series making $30.4 million in showings. stars tell us it does not disappoint. >> we pay tribute not only to this film or franchise, and fans will appreciate that. >> insiders say it could hit $150 million this weekend. ben stiller honored this week for his career in film. pals martin short presented award to ben, who told us he's lucky to wear some hats. >> being a director who acts is the upsichld i know i can get a jochblt if no one is
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hiring me as a director, then, i'm in trouble. >> down the down to american music awards is on. we caught up with sy. >> i'm going to rehearse, hard, because this is also new for me. you're going to see something new. >> so check out a full list on >> the mission, american music awards will air this sunday. >> oprah could be on the verge of starting her own line of organic products. the april politics list such possible products as salad dressing, drinks, and beauty products. >> still head on apc 7 news at 4:00, the third day may be the
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latest target. >> 150 protestors probe palestinian protestors gathered outside of the israeli kons slit here in the san francisco financial district part of the battle for public opinion.
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a aviv today, tensions grew between israel and hamas. this is the thirtd day of violence, and missles have >> and abc 7 news mark matthews is live with us on montgomery street. and not a lot of rain, just a light sprinkle here in sacramento. not enough to dampen 150 that have gathered here to protest israeli strikes in the gaza strip. this is all part of a battle for public opinion that moved from the streets to the
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internet. rockets and bombs in gaza. the war also online. the battle israeli forces and hamas both using the internet to get messages out at the moment of israeli forces began hitting targets they sent out a tweet saying the defense forces have begun a wide spread campaign on terror. moments later, posted a video of a deadly air strike. >> it's something that is being fought on television, on web sites, in social media. >> the council general calls it a battle for legitimacy. >> today, in the global world is a strong component of norm relations he says it's a battle israel is winning in the u.s.. >> i would say overwhelming majority is very supportive.
4:33 pm
americans understand. >> but a uc berkeley electric tourer says it's just spin. >> most of the polling that i have seen on american public opinion in israel añmw palestine, they are split almost 50-50. they blame equally. >> the motive for the strikes as to do with elections in israel just around the corner. >> historically, the way to consolidate is with palestinians.. >> there are mediakzuc÷ messages that are having an impact inside of the us us and outside. egypt and tunisia are now sending diplomats. coming up at 6:00 we'll talk with demonstrators on both sides and hear from the consul
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general on if he thinks information war could have an affect on the shooting war in gaza. forter cia director david petraeus made a public appearance today. he testified before congress about the dead lay tack on the u.s. consulate in libya telling lawmakers it it was a terrorist attack and added the u.s. did not reveal the suspected role of al qaeda because the obama administration did not want the terrorists to know u.s. intelligence was on their trail. initial accounts of the attack blamed violence on backlash from a antimuslim film. petraeus did not discuss the affair that led to his resignation last week. >> and today a closed door meeting two sides have to make a deal before january 1, that is when $650 billion are
4:35 pm
scheduled to come to an end. both sides are sounding optimistic. >> i believe the framework i've outlined in our meeting today istop: consistent of what the president well call for a fair, balance add approach. >> this is a constructive meeting. i feel good about what we're able to talk about. >> skm however, heez these negotiations will continue, and will will be working throughout the holiday. >> president obama wished house speaker john boehner an early happy birthday. the president gave him a bottle of sanjiovacy. >> one miff favorites. >> yes. >> yes, it could vool yait the gift limit is $50 and no combination from one source can exceed $100 per year, abc
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news reports the bottle retails for 125s oodz no wine for mr. boehner. >> an oakland police officer helped capture one of oakland's most-wanted criminals. this went down at ruth's chris steak house. the officer was having dinner, and he noticed a number of notorious street gangs in a nearby table. he stepped outside, called police then went back inside to his table, officers from both cities all converged outside. >> seemedf/s;s vital realtime information from the officer. we knew his movement, his whereabouts. >> the man arrested wanted for a residential robbery, he was dining with fellow gang members. police made some skipped out on the check go back, pay, and leave a nice tip. >> yes. >> still ahead on abc 7 news
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at 4:00 good samaritans. a grandfather saves a baby's live at the last minute. >> and i'm michael finney. today, q and a just ahead, i'm still taking your questions so you can contact me at finney abc 7 and on twitter, m finney. i'll answer questions here later. >> i'm spencer christian. this picture speaks for itself. looking west we can see clouds, rain and stormy weather. that is what is in store for next day or so. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and it's flat out well, i thought we're going to show you the bay bridge but this is better, brutal on the skyway. >> if you're coming into the city it looks fine. heading across the golden gate, it's going a little bit. but a lot better here than other places around the bay area, stay with us.
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abc 7 news at 4:00 continues in just a moment.
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the team over at abc 7 put together a list of seven twinkies fun facts. twinkie created in 1930 filled
4:41 pm
with banana cream. each packed 150 calories. they can last 25 days on the shelf. i'm saying that is conservative. howdy doody show helped make them what they are today. fried twinkies started show up in twun. a bomb of twinkies on ebay going for $1500. you can share memories. and maybe you don't have any. a lot of people do. 7 news. >> a wisconsin grandfather being called a hero pulling a baby from the wreckage of a multi vehicle accident. take a look. this video captured a crash, you can see a car blowing through a stop sign crashing into this suv. it then kol nid yids with another vehicle. it comes from a security camera. i heard the crash then ran to the res kuf a little girl. >> i heard her cry, yelling for mother and father. i found a baby dangling
4:42 pm
from the car seat. i finally got her little legs one at a time. took about four, five minutes. it was, the smoke was strong, i was fearing it might catch on fire. i was telling her in spanish, don't worry, i'm not going to leave wout you. >> everyone survived with just cuts and bruises it is remarkable. no serious injuries to report. >> absolutely amazing. he's a hero. i mean, fantastic. imagine how frantic he must have felt. >> moving on, another check of the weekend forecast. >> much anticipated and accurately forecast, rain arrived. we've got an expansive area of rain. heavy down pours moving into the central part of the viewing area now. looped radar now you. we can show you waves of rainfall coming up from our south with mild air. in the north bay, we have
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active weather, pockets of down pours near st. helena. up in winsor and points northward moving through marin. and now, over towards napa county. so the north bay is getting a good drenching now. into the sierra, lake ta show is -- tahoe is getting rainfall. snow falling higher elevations 7500 feet and above. mixed precipitation there now, they'll get snow before the weekend. l.bay area, showers, rainfall overnight into morning hours andçi= a break after mid day tomorrow, high temperatures climbing into low to mid-60s. so this won'ting wet throughout the entire day. mild weather milder than sunday. tomorrow night, a colder storm coming in from the northwest followed by cooler air. so sunday will be cooler. active weather during
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overnight hours tomorrow night into sunday. so sunday looks like a good time of being mainly dry. >> catch a little bit of a break here. >> yes. >> do you have a break? >> yes. >> thank you. >> still ahead a classic russian novel comes to the big screen. >> it's ambitious, on the aisle review, next. i'm michael finney answering your questions on twitter and facebook coming up and will have an important recall for parents with small children. why the government wants wants to recall these travel bags. >> and i'm dan ashley. coming up at 5:00 a shopper describes commotion a family store. police arrest a teenager for an attack against a woman. and unusual reason police say the boy went to the store after he committed a crime. and coach harbaugh addressing
4:45 pm
health problem was the media. we're going to take you live for reaction to players, coming up at 5:00.
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a major recall.
4:48 pm
>> and the consumer products safety commission may the announcement after one infant died and nine others trapped inside of a portable sleeping tent. the agency is recalling about 120,000 pea pod and pea pod travel beds can roll between the air mass tress and sides. and cpsc believes that what happened to a baby. stop using the kits now, then contact the company for a free repair kit. we have information on how owe do that and a model numbers being recalled go to abc 7 scl see it under tv. >> and you're also answering questions that will be twitter and face mail. >> facebook that, is. >> face mail? >> that is going to be a big one. >> yes. >> the interior google.
4:49 pm
and paul asks i twont a supermarket. they said they couldn't hire me because i didn't speak spanish. >> they can ask to you speak a particular language or have a skill. they're not allowed to ask about your background, your ethnic background, religion and that stuff fchl they believe they have customers speaking a language they employees to speak it, they can ask, sure. >> peter wants to know what are my rights if a flight is cancelled. >> you know, probably not what you would skpechblgt -- expect. let me start, here is the deal. if they bump you, there are regulations that say what they have to do. what they've got to give you. if they bump the plane, they don't. there are no rules. and if just canceling a flight if you want to get anything you have to go to court.
4:50 pm
there is weather, there is no recourse. mccal you go to small claims court about all you can really do. same with the reservation system, everybody on united airlines knows they are stepping up helping people. most of the cancelled flights didn't stay cancelled. but if you were kicked off and wanted to get out, recourse would be small claims court. okay. now, let's talk about holiday shopping. >> yes. >> getting in the mood. i know. i know we're early. the season is almost here, this year, thursday is the new black friday. wjutz are starting black friday sales on thursday. thanksgiving day, check out abc 7 before you start black friday shopping. we've compiled a list of stores open as early as thanksgiving day. you can browse black friday sale ads. it's all at abc 7
4:51 pm
this is a great starting point. >> yes. wonderful resource. >> be my friend on face mail, please. >> yes. >> a new big screen version of the classic anna karenninia. >> it's dazzling. the stylized version and then, story kicks in. love. anna knows her place in society, then a lightning bolt strikes.. >> can i be of service to you?
4:52 pm
>> an affair begins. this is not good for her husband, jude law. >> i love him. i am his miss stress. >> it becomes more complex. there is no question it is stunning and costumes are beautiful.xbcgñ i'm singing praises of content and costume in this one. this film is set in an abandoned, crumbling theater because these people live their lives like they're on stage. but unfortunately, too much of the film seems to sit there like a lump of dried caviar with watered down vodka. >> enough of you? >> why? >> why? >> this seems so set in the
4:53 pm
19th century like anna is on a diet and lost her flare, still, i'm impressed with what joe wright has done. for looks and style alone this film gets at least a half bucket. we'll see you on the aisle. >> still ahead on abc 7 news, new families celebrated today across the nation and bay area, we'll take you to one up next. >> and good news for hungry holiday travelers. top honor for san francisco airpor
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today is national adoption day. 31 children were adopted  one expressed joy over things most of us take for granted. >> today was the best day of my life.
4:57 pm
i'm glad i have a family. >> more than 100,000 children are waiting to be adopted. every year, as many as 200 children are adopted in santa clara county alone. >> now, it's official. there is no better airport for hungry travelers than san francisco international airport this, is according to airport operator as cross north america. sfo won for food and beverage program and new farmer's market. sfo recognized for food policy including packaging, healthy portion sizes and organic products. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 continues right now. >> a local sheriff is arrested for holding up a bank.
4:58 pm
i'm sandhya patel. live doppler 7 is tracking storm one. heavy rain, and thunder possibility in the fblgt. i'll have details coming up. >> and jim harbaugh describes the moment you he knew something was wrong with his heart. >> all right this, is a first wave of rain hitting the bay area, it's a result of san francisco but a stronger wave is behind it. we may see thunderstorms. >> these are the conditions on donner summit tonight. mostly rain at this point.w.ó storms dumped enough snow for kirkwood to open today instead of next week. >> here is a live camera shot. you can see rain is making an already-bad commute worse. good evening, i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm dan ashley.
4:59 pm
we have live reports on the affects of the weather. first stop, panda patel with a look at radar now. >> it's a messy evening commute. looking at live doppler 7 hd, rain has been light to moderate, briefly heavy is starting to pick up again. area of low pressure is approaching. panning around the bay area, show you what it looks like. this is point reyes. you can see rainfall now. we do have a patch of air, we're going to track this and show you where it's heading. looking here, you can see heaviest part of the rain which is an association with the storm is right off the coastline here and it's heading right towards the bay area. it's moving from the southwest to northeast. we're going to keep close tabs here,

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